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Real-Time IoT Ledgers

Solutions and Consultant on Flowchain Distributed Ledger,

Hyperledger Besu and PoW Ethereum

Real-time IoT Ledgers
Toward the Data 2025

November 21, 2022 - We live in a data-driven world, where our personal data is being generated by every digital process, systems, devices, and sensors around us. Data privacy, therefore, has become an issue that cannot be ignored.

The Flowchain’s real-time ledgers which aim to provide a Data 2025 Ready enterprise solution to the industry. Flowchain’s hybrid blockchain technology based on Flowchain and PoW blockchain networks can ensure data privacy and immutability collected from the IoT devices such as IP cameras, and other hardware connected with the Internet.

Storage Virtualization Solutions

May 17th, 2021 - Flowchain starts the storage virtualization solution-delivery business.

Storage virtualization provides a storage infrastructure for better data protection and privacy. Flowchain's storage virtualzation technology aims to take it to a whole new level to ensure data security for enterpriese by using the self-built hybrid blockchain technology.


Flowchain ledgers for the AIoT

Flowchain's Hybrid Blockchain network comprises of the permissioned IoT ledgers and public permissionless blockchain to enable the Machine Learning on IoT Blockchain. Our emerging hybrid blockchain technology allows you to integrate Blockchain into your business and will empower you a new level of blockchain and AI engagement products.

Our Story

Flowchain signed off Strategic IP development & collaboration agreement with Taiwan Intellectual Capital (TIC)

July 8th, 2020


Flowchain is leveraging blockchain to enable an IoT revolution.



Flowchain aims to build a revolutionary AIoT blockchain framework for ecological restoration.

Jan 15, 2020


White Papers

The Flowchain bybrid blockchain academic paper

Hybrid Blockchain and Pseudonymous Authentication for Secure and Trusted IoT Networks

Jollen Chen. 2018. Hybrid blockchain and pseudonymous authentication for secure and trusted IoT networks. SIGBED Rev. 15, 5 (November 2018), 22-28. DOI:

The Flowchain OS (Devify) academic paper

Devify: decentralized internet of things software framework for a peer-to-peer and interoperable IoT device

Jollen Chen. 2018. Devify: decentralized internet of things software framework for a peer-to-peer and interoperable IoT device. SIGBED Rev. 15, 2 (June 2018), 31-36. DOI:


Flowchain/IPFS: Distributed Storage using Blockchain Technology

Meet Flowchain at FOSSASIA
March 14, Singapore, 2019

Flowchain aims to implement the IoT blockchain technology and already proposed the virtual blocks technology that can ensure data stream transactions in a near real-time manner. Jollen, the creator of Flowchain, will present such virtual block technology that can integrate with IPFS to provide an off-chain mechanism technology which can ensure the digital assets transaction from one trusted party to another. Lean more

Flowchain - A Hybrid Blockchain for the IoT and Tokenized Hardware

Flowchain at LinuxCon, Beijing, 2018 - Tuesday, June 26 • 15:30 - 16:10

In this presentation, Jollen, the creator of Flowchain, represents a hybrid blockchain technology that utilize the "tokenized hardware" scheme to facilitate future IoT and AI dapps. The IoT blockchain has become an emerging technology in the IT industry. Despite a myriad of studies on the IoT blockchain, it is still a challenge that how an IoT blockchain system is investigated to benefit the IoT and hardware industry. Learn more

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