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Blockchain for Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization provides a storage infrastructure for better data protection and privacy. Flowchain's storage virtualzation technology aims to take it to a whole new level to ensure data security for enterpriese by using the self-built hybrid blockchain technology.

Decentralized Digital Identification

Storage virtualization divides data into data slices and further distributes them to multiple storage devices. Flowchain can secure the data slices of storage virtualization with its patent technologies.

PPKI, one of Flowchain's patent technologes, can identify digitally each data slice distribution in the nodes to confirm its file keeper by blockchain's consensus algorithm.

Flowchain replaces the traditional CA/PKI identification structure with PPKI to increase the storage virtualization's efficiency of data slicing, signature, and data reconstitution.

Decentralized Data Privacy

We live in a data-driven world, where our personal data is being generated by every digital process, systems, devices, and sensors around us. Data privacy, therefore, has become an issue that cannot be ignored. Flowchain’s hybrid blockchain technology based on Flowchain and Hyperledger Fabric can ensure data privacy and immutability collected from the IoT devices such as smartphones, IP/ CCTV cameras, and other hardware connected with the Internet.

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